Very few mobility aids get the recognition that wheelchairs do — and rightfully so. For people who need some help getting around, wheelchairs offer a tried, tested and true way of being mobile.

Your chair is probably an extremely important part of your day, with most wheelchair users spending hours at a time in one. They can range from simple, traditional hand-pushed chairs to lavish, electrical (and, often, expensive) models with all the bells and whistles. No matter what type you have, you can almost certainly improve it and make it work more for you by adding some wheelchair accessories.

Comfort is, of course, a main concern for those who have to spend much of their day in a single seat. And while all wheelchairs are designed for extended use, cushions of all sorts have been specially designed to make them even more comfortable to sit in. Storage options are also available, in addition to dozens of other handy wheelchair accessories that make them as convenient as possible.

Here are three different wheelchair accessories you should consider to make your mobility marvelous:

Wheelchair Accessories to Consider


One of the best ways to accessorise your wheelchair is with a wheelchair bag. Whether you use it when you go food shopping or you simply want a place to put your day-to-day items, like your phone and keys, a wheelchair bag is a versatile accessory. Not only does it help you transport the items you need, but the bag can provide a number of other functions as well.

Take the Visibag Wheelchair Bag, for example. It offers ample, water-resistant storage space and fits on the back of most chairs and scooters. It also has a high-visibility neon yellow colouring and bright reflectors to ensure your visibility and safety when you’re in town.


When you spend a long time sitting, it’s important to consider exactly what you’re sitting on. All cushions are not designed equally and one kind may be more appropriate for your needs than another. It’s important to try a variety and find one — or several — that meet your individual requirements.

One example of a versatile cushion is the Gel Insert Cushion, which provides a removable gel insert to let users choose how much padding they require. The gel also reduces the chance of getting pressure sores and helps keep you cool in the summer. It’s a perfectly versatile wheelchair accessory for those who prioritise comfort.

Weather Protection

Wheelchairs are perfect for helping you get around outdoors, but getting stuck in the rain is a real possibility when you’re outside, so it’s best to be prepared. Being wet is uncomfortable as it is, but it can also cause quite a chill, which can be dangerous for your health. Luckily, there are wheelchair accessories that account for both.

The Fleece Lined Wheelchair Rain Cover provides full coverage-rain protection for you and your wheelchair, with sleeves to facilitate freedom of movement. And, as its name implies, this rain cover is fleece lined to keep you as warm as it does dry.

Wheelchair Accessories to Make Life Easier from Bayliss Mobility

Your wheelchair is an essential part of your mobile, independent lifestyle. That means you shouldn’t have to settle for just a chair. Your mobility aid should come with all the features you need to lead an active life.

From simple, comfort augmentations, such as high-quality cushions, and storage bags that help keep your items secure, to effective weather gear and so much more, you now have access to everything you need.

Are you looking to make your wheelchair experience even better? Contact Bayliss Mobility today and find out how!

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