Hip Replacement Recovery Kit – Post Operation Easy Reach Kit.

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NRS Hip Replacement Op Recovery Kit

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Product Code: NRSRC

NRS Hip Replacement Op Recovery Kit

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Our Post Hip Replacement Recovery Kit comprises of five items that are recommended during recovery and are designed to aid complete recuperation.

Novelle Clip On Raised Toilet SeatClip On Toilet Seat NRS

This Raised Clip On Toilet Seat is designed to fit on top of your existing toilet seat to increase the overall height. Which makes it easier to sit down onto, and stand up from the toilet. This can help someone who has problems bending, restricted mobility, aches and pains, and hip replacements.

This seat provides a 4″ raise.


Folding Grabber32″ Folding Reacher

The 32″ Folding reacher grabber included in this hip surgery recovery kit is made of durable and lightweight aluminium. Featuring a magnetic end that makes it easier to retrieve smaller items that may be difficult to pick up. The clamp is also adjustable so that a wider or narrower grip area can be facilitated. Very easy to use and fully customisable to the user’s needs.

Allows the user to pick up or move items that would otherwise be a little bit out of reach. Prevents unnecessary movements and will aid in recovery from operations as it means the user will be able to stay relatively still for extended periods.


Dressing Stick

Shoe Horn

A useful Dressing Stick and Shoe Horn all in one. This shoe horn will offer you an easy long reach making it much easier to get dressed independently. Featuring a specially shaped hook which can be used for many different tasks. Not only dressing but also with retrieving articles from the floor or wardrobe.

Overall Length: 62cm


Long-Handled Bath SpongeEasy Reach Kit - Long Handled Bath Sponge

The Long Handled Bath Sponge aids independent bathing. It allows the user to wash hard-to-reach places without having to stretch, turn, bend or twist. The 18-inch (46cm) contoured handle allows the bath sponge to reach those difficult spots with minimal effort.

Sock AidEasy Reach Kit - Shoe Stocking Sock Aid

This is a simple but extremely effective dressing aid that will make putting on socks much easier for individuals who struggle with bending and stretching in particular. This Sock Aid will hold your sock, keeping the toe area open to allow you to dress with ease. You simply place a sock into the aid, pull the attached tapes and leave the sock on your foot.


All of our aids listed above are available to purchase individually.

For more information on Hip Replacement Recovery, follow this NHS Link.

View our full range of Daily Living Aids and Easy Reach Kits.

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