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Pure wool – The Fantastic Benefits Of Pure Wool

Not only does natural pure wool pile keep your body warm and comfortable it has many other unique properties.

Pure wool fleece is a versatile  material that is a must for people who may be at risk of pressure sores. Its fantastic pressure relieving qualities make it a cost effective alternative to the more expensive cushions and mattresses. Wool pile also gives a luxurious feel and extra comfort to your bed, chair or wheelchair. Take a look at the different ways that natural wool can help with pressure care.


Pure Wool pile fleece bootees.

Pure Wool Regulates Body Temperature

Wool pile insulates against the cold and dissipates heat which helps your body regulate its temperature. This is due to the airflow allowed through the fibres of un-spun wool. In cold conditions, warm air is distributed through the sheepskin, keeping your body  warm. Sheepskin is also a fantastic material to sleep on during warm weather too.

Pure wool Wicks Away Moisture

Wool has the ability to wick moisture and can absorb nearly a quarter of its own weight in liquid without being wet to the touch. Not only is wetness next to the skin uncomfortable it will, over time lead to softening and weakening of your skin which can lead to pressure sores. This ability to wick moisture makes wool pile beneficial for both pressure care and comfort

 Pure Wool Fleece Reduces Shear and FrictionPure Wool pile heel protectors

When sitting or laying down, friction between your skin and the surface you are on can lead to a feeling of discomfort. This friction or sheer is minimised with wool as each fibre is very smooth reducing resistance when you move against it.

Pure Wool Pile Redistributes Pressure

Each wool fibre acts like a small spring which, when acting together, can absorb and distribute the pressure of your body without becoming a flat solid mass helping to minimise pressure on vulnerable areas of your body.

Available Products

When using pure wool pile for pressure care you can protect vulnerable areas with items aimed at a specific body part – heel protectors, hip or shoulder pads or wool pile bootees will Pure Wool Fleece topped wheelchair cushions.shield the areas most at risk while full bed fleeces will assure all over protection. Foot muffs and thermal bed socks help with cold feet associated with poor circulation.

Wheelchair users can choose from a simple fleece or a wool pile covered cushion for extra comfort.

View our full range of pure wool pile products in our  Pressure Care section

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