Wheelchair side sack.

Ideas For Presents

Its always difficult at Christmas and Birthdays trying to think of presents to buy people that are going to be used and not left in a cupboard to gather dust. Our product range includes many items that would make great presents for those that struggle with mobility.

mobility scooter bag.


If you have a relative with a mobility scooter then take a look at our bags and accessories or think about something that will keep them warm and dry on their scooter. We also have bags, accessories and clothing for wheelchair users, our Thermal Rain Cover is a firm favourite with our customers.



If a persons disability means they struggle with bending or reaching then one of our long reach items may be the answer. A helping hand is ideal for picking items up from the floor or low shelves, choose something from our dressing aids or one of our long handled sponges to make bathing easier. Bath care set.Our Body Care Set has always been a top seller.





Lack of mobility due to a persons disability can be a problem for some people. If they spend long periods of time sitting or laying in bed something from our pressure care range could be a very welcome gift. The Serro Pressure cushions are very comfortable and can help prevent pressure sores, while the mattress toppers do the same for those confined to bed.

Ripple Mattress Topper.


The list is endless but have a look through our website. You may find something in our toileting or bathing aids, an aid to help people when eating or drinking or something to help in the kitchen. All of our products are aimed at helping those with disability and poor mobility keep their independence whilst at home or out and about.


If you are unsure which of our items would be of use feel free to give us a call for friendly advice on any of our products.

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