Wheelchair accessories.

Wheelchair Accessories.

When it comes to wheelchair accessories the options appear to be endless, there are a multitude of bags, cushions, wheelchair clothing, calf straps and safety belts.

Wheelchair Clothing.

Waterproof wheelchair leg cover.

Our thermal leg covers and leg wraps are specifically designed for use with wheelchairs, the waterproof outers and fleece inners will keep you warm and dry throughout the winter. You can use a leg cover with one of our rain capes for all over protection. In warmer weather a rain cape coupled with a standard leg cover will keep you dry but not too warm. Add to any of these one of our wheelchair hand muffs to create a warm and dry environment for yourself when using your wheelchair.



Wheelchair cushions.Fleece topped wheelchair cushions.

Wheelchair cushions come in various types dependent on the need of the user. For occasional use or basic comfort a standard foam cushion will do the job and come in sizes to suit most wheelchairs or we can have these made to measure. If you are looking for a little extra comfort try a cushion that is fleece topped or one that comes with a memory foam top layer.

For those who spend significant time in their wheelchair throughout the day a higher grade of cushion may be needed. We have found the Putnams Serro range or the Deluxe Comfort cushions to be ideal for this situation.

If you are at risk of pressure sores or already have them then it is best to seek medical advice before purchasing a cushion.



Wheelchair bags offer more storage space and because they are designed to be used on wheelchairs they fit safely and securely. They come in many styles and colours but our High Visibility bag is a top seller as it also offers extra safety when out and about in your wheelchair and can also be used on a mobility scooter.


Wheelchair accessories.

A lap strap can help[ those who are prone to slumping in a wheelchair or promote a feeling a safety for a wheelchair user and a lap strap fleece pad can Fleece wheelchair calf strap.be fitted for extra comfort.


Our calf straps offer comfort and support and come in standard webbing or fleece covered for those with sensitive skin.




Wheelchair gloves.

Wheelchair pushing gloves.

If you are an active wheelchair user The Fitz Leica range of pushing gloves offer comfort and protection against the rigors of propelling a wheelchair. They are are available in natural leather for  the occasional user or the man made Amara for durability.



Take a look at our full range of wheelchair accessories or call Gary or Carol on 01377 253502. We will be happy to give advice on our wheelchair accessories or any of the disability aids available from Bayliss Mobility.

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