Toileting aids

 Toilet Aids

The toilet is the place where we would all like to keep our independence and dignity, our range of toilet aids are designed to do just that. With a vast range of toilet aids available there will be something to suit every ones needs.Senator raised toilet seat with lid.


Toilet seat raisers are an ideal toilet aid for those who find it difficult to raise themselves from a standard toilet height, they come in a range of heights to best suit your requirements and are available with or without a lid. These simply fit to your existing toilet bowl, although toilet seat raisers with lids may mean you need to remove the existing toilet seat.


 Whether its for independent or assisted toileting our toilet aids will make toileting simpler and safer for both you and your carer.

Toilet seat and frame.


Raised toilet seats can be used in conjunction with with one our wall mounted grab rails or a floor standing toilet surround which is a height adjustable frame that will give you support when sitting down or raising. Toilet surrounds can also come with a fitted seat which can be a cheaper alternative to purchasing both items separately.



Buckingham easy wipe.



When it comes to hygiene the Buckingham Easy Wipe is the ideal toilet aid for those who cannot reach to wipe themselves and our portable bidet makes personal cleaning much easier.



Upholstered Wooden Commode


Our commodes are an excellent toileting solution for people who are less mobile, you can choose from our functional steel commodes, a folding commode for occasional use or our more elegant wooden commodes.




Our toilet aids offer a solution to many toileting problems, helping to maintain independence and safety. Call us on 01377 253502 for information on any of our toilet aids or talk to us about any of the disability aids on offer from Bayliss Mobility.