High visibility mobility scooter bag

Mobility Scooter Accessories.

Mobility scooter accessories come in many forms. Bayliss Mobility offer clothing to keep you warm and dry in the worst of British weather, bags for that extra carrying capacity, waterproof covers to protect your scooter or accessories to safely carry walking sticks, crutches or oxygen bottles.


Mobility scooter accessories

Our mobility scooter clothing is fully waterproof  and, in the case of the leg covers, thermal lined for warmth. All the clothing we offer is designed specifically for use with mobility scooters. You can protect yourself and your scooter with our Mobility Scooter Rain Cover or, if you prefer, a Rain Cape and control panel cover




Our High Visibility bag is one of our top sellers. This fluorescent mobility scooter bag adds that extra safety as well as storage capacity but our bags come in many sizes and styles to offer a solution for most people.

Mobility scooter accessories


To deal with our changeable weather we have control covers to fit all mobility scooter tillers, seat covers and complete storage covers all of which are compact enough to carry with you on your machine.



Mobility scooter accessories


Safe and secure carriage of other accessories such as walking sticks, crutches and oxygen bottles can be obtained with our range of bags, brackets and attachments.




Take a look at our full range of Mobility Scooter Accessories or call Carol or Gary on 01377 253502 for advice on any of our products