Mobility Aids

When your mobility is not what it should be, simple tasks or walking short distances can become a struggle. There are many mobility aids to help in these situations depending on the location and your level of mobility.

Mobility aids In The Home.

There are many mobility aids for around the house, a walking frame or 3 wheeled walker can help you move around and reduce the risk of falling, both these items come with folding versions so they take up less room when not in use.mobility aids

There are also a range of accessories for walking frames to make them more functional, bags and baskets are handy for carrying small items when using a walking frame or wheeled walker.

A simple home help trolley is a great mobility aid and is ideal for carrying cups and plates and can also be used as a chair side table for keeping nik naks close to hand.


Mobility Aids For Out And About.
Although walking frames and 3 wheeled walkers can be used outside, a 4 wheeled walker or rollator is an ideal mobility aid for outdoors. As most of mobilty aidsthem have a seat you can sit down whenever you need, no more trying to find a seat when your legs are tired or you suddenly feel weak. 4 wheeled walkers come in various guises but all are height adjustable and come with a bag or basket for carrying shopping etc.




mobility aids

Walking sticks and light weight crutches are ideal for those who just need a little support or when recovering from an accident or operation. You can choose from standard colours or go for one of our patterned walking sticks. Our Advance and Evolution crutches come in various colours, making them a stylish as well as practical mobility aid.