Kitchen aids.

Kitchen Aids.

Our kitchen aids can help you carry out simple tasks that most people take for granted. Arthritis in your hands can make opening tins or jars virtually impossible, poor coordination will hamper food preparation and a weak grip may lead to accidents when handling kettles or pans of water.

We offer a range of kitchen aids that can help you keep your independence and make the kitchen a safer place. Being able to prepare your own food and drinks means you can eat when you are hungry and not when other people are about to prepare your meals for you.



Kitchen Aids

Kettle tippers are a clever device that holds the kettle securely and are balance in such a way they can be tipped with minimal effort and without having to lift the kettle at all. This eliminates the risk of dropping the kettle and scalding yourself. Kettle tippers come in various styles to suit most kettles. Our sauce pan baskets also help where hot water is being used. These sit in your pan, holding the food, when cooked simply lift the basket and the food leaving the hot water behind to cool down before emptying the pan.



There are plenty of aids to help with food preparation in the kitchen. A simple food preparation grip will suit most people but is ideal for those with poor coordination or tremors. This clever little product grips food and protects your fingers while you chop food. For people who need a little mFood workstation.ore help one of our workstations may be the answer. These range from simple bread spreading boards to the more advanced workstation that will hold a loaf of bread while you slice, hold vegetables for peeling and chopping and also have a fixed grater/slicer and a vegetable cleaning brush. These kitchen aids are especially suited for those with only the use of one hand.


Kitchen aids


Our grippers and twisters will help you open those difficult jars and fidley bottle tops. The multi opener will open most sizes of bottle tops and jar lids making it a must have in your kitchen. You can combine a bottle/jar opener with a jar/bottle holder to make the task even easier.



If you would like more information on our kitchen aids or any of the products available from Bayliss Mobility call Gary or Carol on 01377 253502.

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