Eating and drinking aids.

Eating and drinking aids.

Our range of eating and drinking aids are designed to help those who struggle at meal times.

Drinking aids.eating and drinking aids

The simple task of taking a drink can present a problem for people with Parkinsons, arthritis, poor motor skills and other ailments that cause hand movement to be unsteady. Bayliss Mobility offer a wide range of drinking aids that will provide a solution to most situations.

Our range includes hospital mugs and feeder beakers with spouts in different sizes, these come with or without handles, the popular Caring Mug with its large handles and wide base and the Novo Cup that can be used whilst laying down. For those who prefer crockery to plastic the Wade Dignity range offers ease of use combined with a more traditional style.

Pat Saunders straws are a good option for those who cannot drink from a spout and also lack the suction strength to draw liquid through a standard straw. These one way straws stop the drink from running out of the straw between sips.

There are also aids to help when making drinks, kettle tippers help you make hot drinks safely or there are liquid level indicators for those with visual impairment.

Eating Aids.