disability aids

Disability aids.

Disability aids for the bathroom.

Bathing Aids.disability aids

Our disability bathroom aids are designed to offer independence and dignity when bathing. Being able to bathe or shower yourself and not relying on other people to help can make a big difference. The bathroom can also be a dangerous place when your mobility or balance is not what it used to be.

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Toilet Aids.Novelle raised toilet seat

The toilet is the place where we would all like to keep our independence and dignity, our range of toilet aids are designed to do just that. With a vast range of toilet aids available there will be something to suit every ones needs.

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Disability aids for the Bedroom.Multi way bed wedge

A day in bed can be a luxury for some people but being confined to bed can lead to further problems. Getting in or out of bed can be a struggle and positioning when you’re in bed can be awkward to say the least. There is also the risk of pressure sores for those who are confined to bed for long periods.

Our range of bed accessories are designed to ease the difficulties in the bedroom that are brought about by poor mobility.

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Disability aids for the Kitchen.Disability aids

If you suffer from poor mobility, a weakness in the arms or hands or poor coordination the kitchen can be a frustrating and dangerous place. Our range of kitchen aids can help with independence in the kitchen and improve safety.

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Eating And Drinking Aids.

Eating and drinking when suffering from disabilities such as Parkinsons Disease, tremors, weak grip or poor coordination can be both difficult and frustrating. Our range of eating and drinking aids can help make things much easier at meal times and help you retain your independence.

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