Adjustable bed rail

Getting in or out of bed can be difficult for people with mobility problems or who are in post op recovery but there are many aids to help in and around the bed.



Multi way bed wedgeIf you find positioning yourself when in bed difficult one of our may positioning aids may be of use, our bed wedges are an excellent alternative to stacking pillows or the adjustable back rest will also meet your needs.





The Jacobs Webbing Ladder or the adjustable bed rail are a great help for sitting up. Bed rails are also useful when getting in or out of bed as they provide a sturdy handle.Webbing jacobs ladder.



Putnams knee pillow.


Our knee cushions are designed to promote restful sleep and help with hip problems and our leg rests can help with oedema and varicose veins.



Telescopic cot side rails



Telescopic bed rails are ideal for people at risk of falling out of bed or to help stop people with dementia or alzheimers  from wandering at night.



Comfort And Pressure Care.

Ripple Mattress Topper.

Comfort in bed can be provided by one of our many pillows or supports but for those who are confined to bed for extended periods of time may need to look at a mattress topper. Our ripple mattress toppers are ideal for people at low risk of developing pressure sores or a memory foam topper will help to spread your weight away from your bony bits. If  you already have pressure sores it is advisable to seek medical help.



Bed Blanket Support Cradle


If you suffer from sensitive skin on the lower leg or are recovering from an operation or accident, our popular blanket cradle is a handy product for keeping the weight of the blankets away from tender areas.





Over bed table

Over Bed Tables.

Our range of over bed tables and bed trays are ideal for people who are confined to bed, whether it is for eating, reading, hobbies or for doing paper work.








Our range of dressing aids will offer a solution for most situations. Sock and tight aids are simple and easy to use and are ideal if you find it difficult to bend. Dressing sticks and long handled shoe horns also offer help. Button hooks are useful for those who want to hold on to their independence when dressing and our zip tab pulls will help you with fiddly zips. The sleeve aid has been specifically designed to aid people who have suffered a stroke, enabling the using to put on coats and jackets without assistance.