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Bathing Aids.

Our disability bathing aids are designed to offer independence and dignity when bathing. Being able to bathe or shower yourself and not relying on other peoples help can make a big difference. The bathroom can also be a dangerous place when your mobility or balance is not what it used to be.

A simple first step would be to fit grab rails in places where there is a risk of losing your balance or falling. These would usually be placed close to the edge of your bath or near to your shower. Having something you can grip firmly will greatly minimise the risk of falling and give you confidence when entering or leaving your bath or shower.bathing aids.

Most bathroom floors are lower than the bottom of the bath and this can sometimes make it awkward when getting out of the bath. A simple bath step can help with this and also reduce the height of the bath side making it easier to get in or out. Bath steps can come in various heights to suit most people and used alongside a grab rail can provide a simple solution.

If your disability makes it difficult for you to regain your feet after bathing then something as simple as a bath seat would help with this problem. Bath seats fit securely to the bottom of the bath and keep you raised so it is easier for you to get your feet planted and raise yourself. bath seats come in various heights to suit your needs.

If your disability is more severe you can still bathe yourself using a battery operated bath lift. These will lower and lift you from the bath with ease, minimal effort by you and in total safety. The slight down side to a bath lift is that you will lose 2 to 3 inches from the depth of your bath, but I am sure you will agree that this is a small price to pay for independence and safety when bathing.

For the shower cubicle a shower seat or stool will provide a place to sit whilst washing. These come in various shapes and sizes, rigid or folding, free standing or wall mounted. The corner shower seat is designed for smaller shower cubicles as it fits nicely in the corner, still giving you plenty of room to move.

To make bathing easier there is a wide range of long handled sponges, toe brushes and lotion applicators that will minimise bending and twisting.

For added safety you can add a non slip mat to a bath or shower and remove the risk of slipping completely.


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