A Trip Down Memory Lane

While doing some pre Christmas tidying up we have come across some old photos and clippings from our 13 years in business, bringing back memories of both good and hard times.


DSCF1354This was our first shop on Driffield high street in East Yorkshire, opened on the 1st of November 2001. It was not the biggest of shops as we could only fit two mobility scooters in it but it was the start of our journey into self employment. We were then called the Independent Living Centre and it soon became a busy shop, so busy that the premises could not cope with the stock and mobility scooters that were coming in for service and repairs.

DSCF1356Due to the success of our Driffield store we started to look for a location to open our second shop. As Beverley was not serviced by anyone selling mobility or disability aids we eventually settled on a unit on Mill Lane and opened in August 2002. This gave us more storage space and a larger workshop for our repairs and servicing.



DSCF1355Like the Driffield store, Beverley soon became a busy shop and we soon had to take on a member of staff to help with the demand. This also gave us time to start looking at other markets within the mobility and disability industry and after approaching some local businesses we began to supply Nursing Homes with incontinence products and equipment. This soon spiralled into full supply of their requirements including cleaning chemicals, furniture and soft furnishing although our training and expertise remained focused on disability and incontinence aids. Still, it was time to look for bigger premises.






DSCF1349We moved into our Head Office and warehouse late 2003 to accommodate our ever increasing inventory and employed 3 more members of staff. The Nursing Homes we supplied now ranged from Torquay to Aberdeen, Liverpool to Scarborough. These were busy times with 15 hour work days being a regular thing.



DSCF13532005 saw some big changes for the Independent Living Centres, we took on our third shop in July of that year. This was on Walmgate in York city centre and was already an ongoing mobility and disability aids shop that needed a new lease of life. Seeing the potential we decided to scale back on our operations and concentrate on the York store, so by the end of the year the warehouse, Driffield and Beverley store were no longer part of our business and we had changed our name to Bayliss Mobility.

The York outlet soon became a busy store with a large floor space for a good mix of mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walking frames, wall space for a large variety of smaller disability aids and enough workshop space to handle the constant flow of mobility equipment coming in for repairs and servicing. We ran this shop for over 8 years before deciding (after long discussions) to close the shop to concentrate on the on-line side of our business. The idea was to carry on repairing and servicing equipment but the website store and our other on-line outlets soon became too busy for this to continue.

So 13 years later we have gone full circle and find ourselves back in Driffield, this time in a warehouse/distribution centre. Its funny how things change, sometimes without you realizing it but we are as busy now as we have ever been and looking forward to 2015 and whatever changes it may bring.


I hope to see you soon,



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