wheelchair gel cushion

Wheelchair Gel Cushion

Wheelchair Gel Cushion.

Sitting in a wheelchair for any length of time can lead to discomfort and add to this the state of our pavements your journey in your wheelchair can be very uncomfortable. The best way to solve this is with the addition of a wheelchair cushion. For short periods and basic comfort a standard vinyl covered wheelchair cushion will do the job. For longer periods and greater comfort a memory foam topped cushion or a gel cushion will help make your wheelchair a far more comfortable place to be.

Wheelchair gel cushion.

We have now added this fantastic wheelchair gel cushion to our range of wheelchair cushions. Not only does this cushion offer extra comfort to the wheelchair user, the gel insert in this cushion will help prevent pressure sores and ulcers for those who find themselves sitting for long periods.



The gel cushion consists of a high quality foam base with a removable gel insert that will help to spread your weight. This will make sitting in a wheelchair more comfortable and reduce the risk of pressure sores.



Wheelchair gel cushion.



This gel cushion can also be used on a car seat or around the home as well as in a wheelchair, making it a very useful and versatile cushion. Its reversible cover offers you a wipeable surface where hygiene may be an issue or a fleece covered alternative for even more added comfort.




Take a look at our full range of wheelchair cushions or call Carol or Gary on 01377 253502 for friendly, expert advice.

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