Ladies incontinence pants.

New Products

Over the coming days we will be adding a wide range of new products to our on-line shop . This will include an extensive range of disposable and washable incontinence aids.

Our disposables will include pull ups, all in ones, shaped and rectangular pads from the Lille range, although we will be able to supply Tena, Abena, I.D and Attends incontinence pads if they are your preference.

Our washable incontinence products will be from the Martex range of high quality, reusable pants which includes boxer shorts, y-fronts, ladies full briefs and pouch and pad systems. We also have a line of washable bed and chair pads for extra protection.

If you are unsure which product best suits your needs we offer discreet and professional advice on all of our incontinence products, just call us on 01377 253502 or email us at

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