Kowsky soft grip crutches

Kowsky Soft Grip Elbow Crutches

We are now stockists of the excellent Kowsky soft grip elbow crutches.


kowsky soft grip elbow crutches

Strong, lightweight and extremely comfortable the Kowsky soft grip elbow crutches are a must for those who use crutches. The anatomically shaped hand grips help to spread your weight across the palm of your hand reducing discomfort caused when using crutches for any length of time.



kowsky soft grip elbow crutches


These have been a very exclusive brand that has not been widely available in the UK, although they are well known and widely used on the continent. Not only are they the most comfortable crutch that we have ever had the pleasure of selling, but as they are colour coordinated and available in a wide range of colours.


The combination of quality design and materials means that these are amongst the lightest crutches on the market. So if you require a good quality, comfortable, stylish and quiet pair of crutches, then these are the ones for you.



For full details on the Kowsky soft grip elbow crutches follow the link below.

Kowsky soft grip elbow crutches.

We also do a wide range of crutches including open cuff, closed cuff, Axilla and children’s crutches. Take a look at our walking aids page for our full range.

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  1. D Nic
    D Nic says:

    I saw these crutches in your eBay store but could not ask a question: can you please let me know if the price oincludes a pair meaning left and right crutches, and second is the softgrip screwed on and exchangeable?


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