Few household tasks are as important as independently preparing meals for yourself and family. However, for people who require mobility assistance, it can be anything but easy. If you struggle with coordination or have tremors, cutting food can be more than difficult — it can be downright dangerous.

And enjoying your meal isn’t just about chopping veggies. Enjoying a beverage from a traditional cup can be a struggle too, which is why there are a great many disabled drinking cups and non-spill cups for adults, which help with the important task of staying hydrated and enjoying healthy meals.

Kitchen aids for those who require mobility assistance are valuable assets to living a fulfilling life and ensuring a nutritious diet, which is a cornerstone of good health. If you’re looking to improve your kitchen experience, here are a few tools that can help.

Dealing with Hot Water

It’s not just sharp knives that can pose a danger in the kitchen. Hot liquids, like boiled water from a kettle, can be particular hazardous if you have coordination issues or tremors. A kettle tipper is an excellent way to pour with control, without the risk of serious scalds everytime you fancy a cup of tea. They allow you to steadily control your kettle from a safe range for the perfect pour everytime.

Another device specifically designed to reduce risk when working with hot water is the saucepan basket, which sits directly in the saucepan and allows anything being boiled to be retrieved safely and easily, without the need for straining.

Food Preparation

When it comes to the nitty-gritty of cooking, ensuring your comfort and safety are of utmost importance. One way to achieve this is simply by moving your hands further away from where the cutting is taking place. This can be achieved with the help of a Food Preparation Gripper, which allows for steady control of the food you’re working with, without the danger of your fingers getting in the way.

Another tool that can assist you while working with food is a bread spreading board. This keeps your bread (or similarly sized item) in place while you apply your preferred condiment. They are especially useful for those with full use of only one arm, but can also be helpful as a stabiliser for a number of mobility issues.

Jar Opening

Jar opening can be difficult for anyone, regardless of mobility issues. But if you struggle with a lack of grip strength, opening a jar can be a near-impossible task. That’s why a Universal Jar and Bottle Opener is an essential tool. This provides the purchase and leverage you need to open everything from jam and coffee to toothpaste, without the need to ask for help! Silicone grippers give you that extra bit of grip — perfect for those with arthritis in their wrists and hands.

Kitchen Aids to Make Cooking and Eating Easier

Cooking for yourself is an essential part of living independently. It helps you make nutritious, delicious food, which is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. If you find it difficult to use regular utensils in food preparation, consider our kitchen aids and improve your experience.

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