As those who require mobility assistance know, living independently and comfortably is entirely possible — with the right tools. From aids that assist with getting around the house to those that help users maintain healthy hygiene, using the right mobility aids can provide an immense boost to quality of life.

However, mobility is about more than simply moving around. It also extends to the day-to-day tasks of eating and drinking, which are both important in terms of promoting long-term health. If you’re considering mobility aids to improve your life, eating and drinking aids are a great place to start.

There are a multitude of helpful tools to assist with eating and drinking, which provide an essential level of independence for those in need of mobility assistance. Here are a few clever designs that are already helping many individuals live life self-sufficiently.

Eating Aids and Drinking Aids to Consider


Just a simple change to the shape of forks, spoons and knives can have a major positive impact on people who are challenged by the traditional variations. Angled cutlery is specifically designed to help those with limited grip in their hands and low flexibility in their wrists.

The Amefa Angled Fork [INTERNAL LINK], for instance, is an ideal eating aid for those who find traditional forks a bit tricky. The Amefa is contoured to allow for easy transfer of food from plate to mouth, while its wide, ergonomic handle is easy to hold onto. It’s curved just so, making it especially handy for those who can’t easily rotate their wrists and hands, and makes enjoying a meal considerably easier when you’re not worried about maintaining a balancing act with your cutlery!


Plates can be especially frustrating to manage for those with mobility issues. Getting food off the plate without making a mess can be hard, not to mention frustrating, especially when the plate itself is prone to sliding around.

Our range of eating aids and plates for those requiring mobility assistance are well-equipped to help. Take our Shine Portion Plate, for example, which is specifically designed to solve the problems posed by traditional plates.

Its most notable feature is its contoured segments, which allow for easy portioning of food and make scooping easy. It’s further augmented with a suction base, which prevents it from sliding around on the table when it’s used.The Shine Segmented Plate comes in bright red, which makes it easy to identify for the visually impaired.


Keeping hydrated is just as — if not more — important for people who require mobility assistance as it is for those who do not. Just like eating, drinking through conventional means can present a real challenge.

Simple, conventional straws are often a helpful aid for those with mobility issues, but for those who struggle with consistent suction, a standard straw just isn’t enough. One-way straws, like the Pat Saunders One Way Straw, are the perfect solution.

This clever device prevents liquid from running back down the straw when suction has eased, meaning sipping becomes even more accessible and doesn’t require strong suction. One-way straws are an important tool to promote proper hydration and comfort for those who need a drinking aid.

Eating and Drinking Aids to Make Life Easier from Bayliss Mobility

For those who require mobility assistance, having access to eating aids and drinking aids is essential for maintaining comfort and independence. With excellent options, ranging from cutlery and plates to straws and more, people who need a little help with food and drink have access to more tools than ever before.

Make the most of your mealtimes by browsing our wide range of eating and drinking aids. Not sure what to go for? Get in touch with Bayliss Mobility today and we’ll be happy to provide you with advice!

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