Pressure Care

Pure wool – The Fantastic Benefits Of Pure Wool

Not only does natural pure wool pile keep your body warm and comfortable it has many other unique properties.

Pure wool fleece is a versatile  material that is a must for people who may be at risk of pressure sores. Its fantastic pressure relieving qualities make it a cost effective alternative to the more expensive cushions and mattresses. Wool pile also gives a luxurious feel and extra comfort to your bed, chair or wheelchair. Take a look at the different ways that natural wool can help with pressure care.

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Wheelchair side sack.

Ideas For Presents

Its always difficult at Christmas and Birthdays trying to think of presents to buy people that are going to be used and not left in a cupboard to gather dust. Our product range includes many items that would make great presents for those that struggle with mobility.

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Multi purpose mobility scooter bag

Multi Purpose Mobility Scooter And Wheelchair Bag

For a limited time the price of this new style of bag has been reduced to just £19.99. The bag will fit mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walking frames and is designed to hold laptops, ipods and mobile phones, with pockets to carry accessories as well. The Multi Purpose Bag, is strong, waterproof and has a reflective safety strip. This offer is only while stocks last.

Bed Blanket Support Cradle

Bed Blanket Supports

Good News after an 8 week wait our ever popular bed blanket support cradles are now back in stock.

These blanket raisers are extremely useful for those who have sensitive skin around the feet and legs, post op recovery and anyone who finds it hard to turn over in bed due to the weight of the blankets.