To be reading this post, you will either be wondering about pressure care products and looking for more information on pressure relief or you’re not too sure what type of Pressure Relief Care you may need. (Or you may of just stumbled across our page in the search of a super comfy cushion.) There is a huge range of pressure relief products from Putnams such as cushions, pillows, wedges, mattress toppers and all types of body supports. All of which can help prevent pressure sores and relieve pressure from certains areas of the body.

Who may be at risk of pressure sores?

Anyone can get pressure sores. Especially those who sit for long periods of time on a hard surface, such as a wheelchair user or a ‘desk’ worker. Or those with limited mobility and spend most of their days in bed. Involuntary muscle movement (muscle spasms) such as Parkinsons can also put pressure on the skin overtime, causing the skin to slowly break. Epidermis which is a term to describe damage to the outer layer of the skin, commonly caused by too much exposure to moisture. Such as, an environment which is too warm for the individual, which may cause excessive sweating. Or a individual who is not able or capable of self toileting and are left in their bodily fluids for too long. Pressure sores can happen anywhere on your body. The most common places to have a pressure sore are parts where the skin is thinner, or where the bone is more exposed. So for example, elbows, knees, heels, hips shoulders and in some cases, bottoms and spines.

How do you know if you have pressure sores, or that you may need  Putnams Pressure Relief Care?

The first signs of pressure sores are by sight. You will notice a reddened, discoloured or darkened area on your skin. These areas where this occurs may also be warm to touch. They may not hurt for the individual at first but they are not to be ignored. If left untreated, these areas of skin will gradually start to break, layer by layer. Which can lead to all sorts of problems.

You may of recently given birth and are suffering with pain and soreness in the perineal area. We have certain cushions with special cut outs which will help relieve post natal pain, making sitting down a lot more comfortable and bearable. Lots of people use Putnams Pressure Relief products to help make their day to day lives more comfortable. Such as neck pillows if traveling for long periods. Mattress toppers which are very popular, these are a more comfy and economical alternative to buying a new mattress. These will provide extra cushioning, comfort, support and stability when in bed.

How do Pressure Cushions or Pressure Relief Products work?

Putnams Pressure Relief cushions and mattress toppers work by spreading the users weight evenly over a larger surface area, which allows for improved blood flow and postural stability. Products such as bed wedges or knee supports help keep pressure off the individuals exposed skin.

What are the different types of cushions Bayliss Mobility can offer you and what do they do?

putnamsPutnams Sero Pressure Relief Cushions are available in four different styles of cut out, each supporting different needs. You can use these cushions in standard armchairs or wheelchairs. They all measure the same, the only difference is you can choose standard or deluxe, the difference being the depth of the cushion.

Bony parts cut out is ideal to help relieve pressure from the ischial tuberosities. This condition can be caused from sitting for long periods of time on a hard surface, direct trauma to the area, or from injury to the hamstring muscle or tendon through activities such as running or bicycling.

Coccyx cut out cushions are great to relieve pressure in the bottom of your spine when sitting. Having pain in the coccyx (tailbone) occurs in or around the bony structure at the bottom of the spine (coccyx) Pain can be caused by trauma during a fall, prolonged sitting on a narrow surface, degenerative joint changes or from childbirth.

Dr Huff cushions are for relieving pressure when sitting if you are suffering from perineal pain due to recent childbirth. Using this cushion will help relieve pain and discomfort when sitting.

Polo cut out cushion will help soothe sensitive areas such as the anal region, when sitting for long periods at a time. The Polo cut out is a removable piece, so this cushion can also be used as a standard cushion. This cushion will make sitting down more comfortable and manageable.

The Ripple Mattress Toppers have hundreds of rounded contours which evenly spread your body pressure and allows you to sleep in comfort. A more economical option than purchasing a new mattress.Putnams foam pillow

Putnams pressure range also provide memory foam neck pillows, knee pillows and wedges will all help relieve pressure from these sensitive areas. 

So, if you’re looking at purchasing some kind of pressure relief or sore prevention cushion or support. Have a look at our Putnams Pressure Relief section on our websites homepage. Here you will find all the above products and more. If there’s something in particular that you can’t find on our website. Give us a call on 01377 258 217 and a member of our team will be happy to help.

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