NuHorizons Healthcare Products is an innovative new line of handmade mobility and disability products created by Bayliss Mobility. It is the companies first ever attempt at in-house manufacturing catering for gaps in the market we feel need filling but where, when and why has this come about?

If you’ve been following us across social media and our website recently, you may have noticed the name, NuHorizons Healthcare Products® regularly popping up across the Bayliss channels. NuHorizons is the company’s first endeavour into producing in-house, handmade, branded products to not only help and support the specific needs of our customers but also support the business’ rapid development.

The idea of producing our own trademarked range has been a topic of conversation for months and with new customer demands, our managing directors, Gary and Carol, thought now was the time to take the company to the next level. The team here at Bayliss Mobility, wanted to design and manufacture their very own products to cut out the ‘middle men’ and provide highest possible standard of well designed, ergonomic products directly to our customers.

When did this come about?

In early 2020, long before COVID-19 reared it’s ugly head right on our door step, Gary and Carol shared their latest idea with the Bayliss team. Their idea was to come up with a whole new range of innovative product designs that would fill market gaps and capture the imaginations of customers from all age groups. Market research showed most mobility and disability products to be colourless and dull with little excitement among the lines. We look to change this by creating brightly coloured, modern aids and accessories that match the vibrant personalities of the people we supply.  We believe that just because you use a wheelchair, it doesn’t mean you should be confined to grey and lifeless accessories, you should be able to have accessories just as bright as anyone else in the street!

With barely a question, the team jumped on the idea and so our mission began; to revolutionise the mobility and disability aid and accessories market. Within the first week of new machinery and materials arriving, our talented in- house machine shop were rolling out the first prototype products. Confidence in the project was growing daily with the team experimenting, creating more and more complicated designs; things were looking great and then… COVID happened.

Boris made his speech that Tuesday evening back in March plunging the entire country into lockdown. This decision to help slow the infection rate pulled the handbrake on the project, slowing our progress to a crawl. All testing and manufacturing was placed on hold and advertising plans were shelved but whilst lockdown was enforced, Gary and Carol’s minds continued to work over time.

walking frame bag





A name! The project had products but still had no name!

With the world halted and progress paused, now was the time to think creatively and put together a symbolic company brand. We wanted something bright, something fresh, something modern… a complete new start! NuHorizons Healthcare Products®. The name symbolises the next chapter in the Bayliss Mobility story expanding to height neither Gary or Carol ever expected when they started over 20 years ago!

As lockdown was eased and this is when we realised, we needed a bigger team. In came James, who works with Sammy in the media and marketing department, to push and spread the word of NuHorizons both on and offline. Then we bolstered the machine shop creating a very talented team of machinists, both by the name of Laura. They work tirelessly designing and manufacturing new products whilst also packing and distributing the regular daily orders we receive.

The rest of the team, Gary, Carol, Kathy and Jon all work in unison behind the scenes making sure customers are always 100% happy with the products and services they receive. All whilst keeping the sales platforms stocked, up to date and effective. They really are the white swans of the business; working tirelessly under the water so every operation can glide smoothly along without a hitch.


Progress So Far and Future Plans?

So far NuHorizons Healthcare Products® has been a rip roaring success with public interest being way beyond what we’d hoped for at this stage. The ‘Lauras’ have been working their magic creating top quality products all made with the highest attention to detail. With over 30 innovative new lines and an official trademark behind us, we think we can now successfully say NuHorizons Healthcare Products is here and growing fast with an expansive product range that includes; Crutch Bags, Under Seat Rollator Bags, Fleece Calf Straps, among many more!

On the business side, our rapid growth means that our little unit near Driffield can no longer cope. After a lot of research and viewings, Carol and Gary have found us a new home to carry on the journey. In the next couple of months we will be in the process of moving Bayliss Mobility with NuHorizons Healthcare Products® to a larger and more spacious premises. We will be announcing more details on our new location in the very near future so keep an eye across our social media.

NuHorizons Healthcare Products® is an amazing new venture for Bayliss, one that we are all proud to be a part of, one that will reach new levels once settled in our new home!

Remember to keep a look out on our website and our social media pages for all the recent news, offers and updates.

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