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The Easy Reach Kit is a must have essential in your home if your recuperating from hip surgery or having difficulty with your mobility such as bad knees, arthritis or back pain.


So…….. what is an Easy Reach Kit and what are the items used for?
The Easy Reach Kit is made up from five aids which are there to assist in daily living activities such as getting dressed, showering/bathing and the little things some take for granted. Such as being able to reach up and get your hat from the peg in your hallway, putting your shoes on with ease or being able to reach those hard to get areas whilst in the tub. This kit reduces the need to bend your knees, twist your hips, or pull your back.

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Bayliss Mobility offer four different Easy Reach Kits. All consisting of the same items a Reacher, Long Handled Bath Sponge, Sock Aid, Dressing Stick and a Shoe Horn. However one item is different…..the Grabber, or the Reacher as some like to call it. Also sometimes known as a litter picker. Whatever you like to call it (we’ll stick with Reacher for now) we have four different sizes available. A 32″ Rigid Reacher, 32″ Folding Reacher, 26″ Rigid Reacher and a Deluxe Reacher which also measures 32″. I’ll go into more detail on the Deluxe in a short while.

So you know a little about the Reachers, here’s some info on the other items you’d receive in your Easy Reach Kit.

Long Handled Bath Sponge
The Long Handled Bath Sponge is what it says it is. A bath sponge with a long handle. Made from a ‘bendy’ lightweight plastic which contours for easy use, it measures 18″ (46cm) in length and is made to assist with allowing more independence whilst in the bath or shower. Lets you reach those ‘hard to get’ areas such as your back, legs and feet without having to bend or twist.

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Sock Aid
The Sock Aid really is a handy little device. If you struggle to bend down to put your socks or stockings on, this aid is just ideal. Reducing the need to bend your back or knees its a very simple aid to use. Resulting in you with your socks on and no pain gained.

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Dressing Stick
This lovely aid is to help those with body movement limitation, in particular, is not able to bend and move freely due to poor mobility or arthritis or other similar conditions. This aid will help you put on jackets, shirts, skirts and trousers. The handy little hook on the end can also assist in pulling zips. Measuring 25.5″ (65cm) in length and made from wood, this must have aid comes in weighing only 110g. Making it lightweight and durable.

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Shoe Horn
The Shoe Horn is to assist you with putting on shoes. Reducing the need to bend or stretch. Sitting down, you simply pop your shoe on as far as you can manage independently, then slip the shoe horn under your heel and with a simple push, your foot will slide nicely into your shoe whilst releasing the shoe horn. The colour may vary in your Easy Reach Kit but the quality will still be the same, with a smooth finish to ensure no snagging is made to socks or stocking etc.

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So as i said before you decide which kit you would like. All items are the same in each kit except for the Reacher. All Reachers provide the same functions. They just measure differently. They all feature a small magnetic tip for the user to be able to reach smaller items with ease. Some fold which make them ideal to take out with you or to store away down the side of your chair at home. The Deluxe measures 32″ but features an adjustable clamp. You can make the clamp wider or narrower depending on what you’d like to ‘grab’ with it. Also features a bigger, more easy to grip handle. So the Deluxe is ideal for anyone with poor dexterity, Arthritis or similar conditions. The Reachers are all made from durable and lightweight aluminium.

All Easy Reach Kits ordered directly with us are packaged here at Bayliss Mobility in Kirkburn near Driffield. We wrap the 5 items of the Easy Reach Kit up in card so no damage will be inflicted on transport with the courier we use.

If you require any additional information you can also give us a call on 01377 258 217 and a member of our Bayliss Mobility team will be happy to help.

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