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Disabilities come in all shapes and forms, each posing a wide spectrum of different challenges around the home. One of the most common places to fall at home is in your bathroom, which means bathing can be an especially risky task as there are many slip-hazards to consider. So, it’s important to use helpful and preventative disability aids.

Below, we recommend some disability bathing aids that are beneficial for those with limited mobility, restricted flexibility and poor grip.

1. Shower Stools

Shower stools are a handy bathing aid for anyone unsteady on their feet and decrease the risk of you falling as you bathe. If you are in a wheelchair or you have limited mobility, shower stools enable you to sit down comfortably as you bathe. They can be mounted to the wall, folding or portable — there are many types and heights to choose from. A shower seat with a backrest is particularly useful as they often have handles, rubber feet and drain holes to allow easy and safe transfers. When fitting the shower stool, ensure the seat is level and that you can easily rest your feet on the floor.

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2. Grab Rails

For extra confidence and assistance in the bathroom as you stand and move around, grab rails are an excellent addition. Grab rails can be located in numerous places, including in the shower, near the bath and by doorways — anywhere that will benefit you as move around.

If you prefer a hot soak in the bath over a shower, the bath grab bar is particularly helpful as it has a horizontal crossbar to provide a secure handhold. You can fit it to the side of the bathtub with a simple clamping mechanism without damaging the bath.

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3. Easy Bathing Tools

Now that you’ve safely made it to the shower or bath, there’s no need to struggle as you clean yourself. If you have a poor grip or limited flexibility, the following bathing tools can help you out.

Bath Scrubber Set: Wash those hard to reach areas with this hand-held mitt body scrubber set. With smooth terry towelling on one side and a woven coarser pile on the other, you can gently wash and exfoliate with ease. The comfortable rope handles and material loop is perfect for securing your grip on the sponge.

Long-Handled Bath Sponge: To reach those tricky spots with minimal effort, use a long-handled bath sponge to avoid stretching, turning or twisting as you wash. The bath sponge is contoured for further ease of use and effectiveness and if you already use a bath board or seat, you will find the long, easy-to-grip handle useful for independent washing.

Toe Wash and Sponge: Similar to the long-handled bath sponge, this toe wash and sponge does exactly that — gets in between your toes, so you don’t have to bend. Lathered with soap, you can use it in the bath or shower to make bathing more of an enjoyable pleasure once again.

Inflatable Bath Pillow: Add a touch of luxury to bath time with an inflatable bath pillow. With quality ergonomic foam to eliminate neck strain, this portable bathing cushion is the ideal companion to relax or enjoy reading in the bath.

Inflatable Hair Wash Tray: If you’re confined to a bed or if you find it difficult to bend forward, this inflatable hair wash tray firmly supports the neck and gently positions the head into a suitable position to enable hair washing. It has a one-way drainage tube to remove water easily.

Using the right bathing aids can ensure you’re comfortable and safe in the bathroom and can make bathing a far more enjoyable activity.

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