As most of us will know, cutlery is a tool we learn how to use from an early age. However, as we grow old it can become more difficult so we tend to need Cutlery Aids. For example, this could be down to poor health, illness or disease, body limitations, disabilities… the list goes on and on.

We can offer a wide range of Cutlery Aids to suit all different needs. If your suffering with weakened grip because of Arthritis or had a recent fall or accident and are struggling to eat one handed. Or maybe you have poor vision and as a result of this, you may need a spoon with a larger handle. Some can find it hard to enjoy their meals or eat in front of others which can lead to becoming less sociable and missing out on things they would normally enjoy doing. But, we are here to help, offer advice and guidance.

Kura Care Adult CutleryCutlery - Kura Care Adult

This range of Cutlery Aids are ideal for users with poor grip, especially if you suffer with Arthritis in your hands. The stainless steel Knife, Fork and Spoon set feature finger indents and profiled grips, making it comfortable for both your hands and fingers. The Knife has a serrated edge to allow easy cutting and the Spoon features a deeper bowl which reduces the risk of spills. Available in a stylish and discreet black and white contoured style which helps aid those with poor sight.

Kura Care Children Cutlery

Kids will love this set. This colourful range is great If your younger ones are having trouble grasping and keeping a hold of their regular cutlery. Available in an attractive two tone style which also feature finger indents and profiled grips. Carefully designed to reduce the appearance of the curved profile, making them much more stylish to use.

Curved CutleryCurved cutlery

A brand new product we’ve just received. This range of Curved Cutlery Aids are available in Left or Right Handed Forks and Spoons. The Knife is curved which helps to cut food with ease. So consequently, this range can be used by people with the use of just one hand. This cutlery is made from polypropylene and thermoplastic rubber, dishwasher safe and come in three different colours. This range of cutlery encourages independent eating and improves control during meal times.

Easy Grip – Bendable Cutlery

This economic ‘budget range’ is specially designed to aid those with Arthritis, Neurological Impairments or any dexterity conditions which may result in having poor grip. With a large ribbed handle it makes it easy for you to grasp and to keep control. The angle of the Fork and Spoon can be adjusted to suit you. The knife cuts through most foods with a simple rocking motion with ease. Easy Grip Cutlery is ideal if you have limited wrist movement. We do sell these individually or as a set and are available in either black or red.

The ‘upgrade’ of this range are the Good Grips Cutlery. Available to buy as a full set or individually. With a non-slip latex free rubber handle these are strong, durable and discreet.

To sum up, we have a huge range of Cutlery under our Eating and Drinking section. If what your looking for isn’t there, give us a call on 01377 258 217 and a member of the Bayliss Mobility team will be happy to help.


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