Adult Eating Aids

Adult Eating Aids are there to assist those individuals who find it difficult when preparing food and during meal times.

We offer a huge range of Adult Eating Aids from Special Cutlery and Suction Plates to Jar Openers and Adult Bibs. All of which can help you prepare your meals and dine more easily and safely. All of the aids we provide are designed for anyone who who suffers from Poor Dexterity, Bad Motor Skills, Arthritis, Parkinsons or any other similar conditions or illnesses. These aids allow users to help live a more independent, safer and ‘hassle free’ lifestyle.

The Food Workstation
This amazing aid is a must have for your kitchen! It offers independence and safety to all its users. With this handy gadget you can slice, dice, peel, grate, spread and even clean. You have everything you need to prepare a meal all in one place….. Wow, who wouldn’t want one of these?

One of the main Food Workstation features is the versatile and easy to use clamp. The clamp can be used to hold a bowl securely which allows you to mix food without anymore spills. You can even use the clamp to hold your loaf of bread resulting in you being able to safely slice your bread more freely and with ease. The clamp even has the ability and strength to hold the majority of jars or bottles letting you open with ease.

Another feature of the Food Workstation is the Spiked Grip which is a good tool to hold your fruit or veg in place if you want to peel or slice. The Spiked Grip can even hold a joint of meat in place so you can get busy carving, reducing the risk of any accidents. Having this essential appliance puts your loved ones minds at ease knowing you are preparing your food in a safe and efficient way.

We have a huge selection of Cutlery to choose from. All of our Cutlery serve a purpose and aid different needs and user requirements.
The EASY GRIP range is ideal for anyone who suffers with Arthritis, Neurological Impairments or any Dexterity Limiting Conditions. They feature a large ribbed handle which makes it really easy to hold. The angle of the knife and fork can also be adjusted to suit your needs.
The AMEFA Cutlery is designed for those with limited wrist movement or poor grip. With ergonomically contoured handles they are comfortable to grip and require ‘minimum’ wrist movement. These are available as a set or can be purchased individually.
The NELSON ROCKER KNIFE is designed to aid those who only have the use of one hand during meal times. The curved blade, that will cut most foods, works by using a simple rocking motion. Hence the name…. Rocker Knife. This little tool also features four little prongs on the end which allows you to ‘stab’ your food, therefore, this knife can also be used just as well as a fork.

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Plates And Bowls
Our Plates And Bowls range are there to encourage independent living. Ideal for those who may be struggling to eat without assistance at meal times.
The DIVIDED SUCTION PLATE is great for anyone with only the use of one arm. Or possibly suffers with hand, upper body tremors caused by Parkinsons or other medical conditions. The plate suctions down onto the table which allows you to eat your meal without your plate sliding or you not being able to eat your food without any spills. The divided sections help keep your portions in place and because of the edges, you are able to push your food towards the edges to pick up with your fork or spoon.
Our SCOOP BOWL OR PLATE features a curved lip which resulting in you being able to eat your meal with a spoon accurately and independently. These also feature suction bases which reduces any sliding plates or bowls.
PLATE GUARDS are a very simple yet effective aid. Simply clip the guard around the edge of your plate and there you have it. It stops food from falling off your plate and makes it easier during meal times if you have poor mobility skills or have suffered with Arthritis or Parkinsons.

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The Can, Jar And Bottle Opener Set
This set allows you to open condiments and beverages safely and with ease. The set includes two aids. The Jar And Bottle Opener is to help you… can you guess…… YES. To open Jars and Bottles! Very simple and versatile to use it fits most sizes of bottles and jars. The Ring Pull Can Opener is to help you open your cans or tins with ring pulls on. It literally does what i says on the can (No pun intended)

Both of these ‘easy to use’ aids fit nicely into your cutlery drawer when not in use. These utensils are great if you have a weakened grip, arthritis, or even recovering from ‘upper body’ surgery and you just need that extra bit of help.

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