Life is filled with challenges for those with disabilities, but getting dressed should not be one of them.

There are 13.3 million people in the United Kingdom living with a disability, many of whom way count dressing themselves as one of their daily struggles. Fortunately, however, there are a wide range of dressing aids available that can make slipping on socks and shoes, pulling on tights and nylons, buttoning shirts, and zipping up trousers and hoodies easier, so people with dexterity issues can manage at home — no assistance required.

With the right dressing aid products — such as a dressing stick that can position clothing so it’s easier to put on — living independently is absolutely within reach.

Bayliss Mobility brings 20 years of experience in the industry and is committed to helping individuals improve their quality of life and remain independent in their homes. Bayliss Mobility offers an innovative, functional product line, including dressing aids and bedroom aids, which can help people with permanent or temporary disabilities dress themselves and live with more freedom.

Dressing Aids

Living independently is vital for many people, but, for those who suffer from chronic pain, have difficulty bending, or suffer from some form of paralysis, getting dressed — a task most of us take for granted — can be one of the first, and most challenging, chores of the day.

Unfortunately, there are very few clothing manufacturers that make adaptive clothing for those with disabilities, which creates a significant barrier to employment and makes independent living even more difficult.

For the 19 percent of those with disabilities in the UK who are of working age, this can be a debilitating challenge that can take away the freedom needed to live and work independently.

With a goal of helping customers live free from the restrictions of getting dressed, Bayliss Mobility offers a wide range of products in the dressing aids category to help make getting dressed less frustrating and allow those with disabilities to manage at home.

Some of the dressing aids we offer include:

  • Durable shoe horns, which can help an individual with back problems slip into their shoes — no painful bending required
  • Zip pulls with straps, which erase the struggle of zipping trousers, sweatshirts and jackets
  • Plush sock assists made of soft terry cloth, which make pulling up socks easier to do solo
  • Several styles of button hook and zip pull combinations, which do double duty, so that tops and trousers with both zips and buttons don’t pose a problem
  • Smooth plastic pulls, which help tights or nylons slide on easily without snags
  • A narrow dressing stick with a hook, which extends a person’s reach to make putting on clothes effortless.

Bedroom Aids

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, so it’s important that it offers the ultimate in comfort and convenience, not only so you can get the rest you need, but also so that you feel at peace in your most tranquil space.

Bayliss has you covered, literally, with bedroom aids that make both sleep and time spent in bed more comfortable and functional. Not only will it be easier for those with pain or disabilities to get in and out of bed, but, for those who are bedridden, Bayliss offers a product line that ensures lasting comfort both day and night.

Our bedroom aid line includes:

  • Thick fleece covers with a plush design, specifically made to prevent pressure sores, which are extremely common for those who remain in one position for long periods of time
  • A collection of bed tables on wheels, which keep everything you need within easy reach, such as mobile phones, food and drinks, and other essentials
  • A wide assortment of bed rails in various sizes and designs, which add an extra level of security and prevent the risk of falling out of bed, both at night and during the day
  • Plush pillows, arm chairs and backrests, which make reading, watching the telly, and eating more comfortable, whether you’re in bed or relaxing in a chair with your favourite book or TV programme.


Bayliss Mobility’s goal is to create an atmosphere that enables and enhances independent living. Our bedroom aids, dressing aids and accessories are designed to help the elderly and those with disabilities manage at home and live their lives to the fullest, with as much freedom as possible.

Many of our items are available at zero rate VAT for those legally entitled to exemption

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