There’s no denying the importance of bathing. Beyond the simple and wonderful feeling of being clean, being hygienic is an important part of physical health — especially for those who require mobility assistance and may be more prone to pressure sores.

But bathing isn’t a simple task for everyone. In its very nature, it’s a solitary and slippery undertaking, often in a hard tiled bath or shower, with soap only adding to the slipperiness. It’s dangerous enough for anyone, but it’s especially dangerous for people who have issues with mobility.

Bathing should be an enjoyable task, and it can be — with the right tools. Bathing aids are designed to increase your comfort, confidence and success at bathing. With the right tools at your disposal, keeping clean, healthy and hygienic has never been easier.

Here are some of the must-have bathing aids you need to make your bath time better than ever.

Consider Your Safety

The first and most important thing to consider when bathing is your safety. Not only will the proper bathing aids help to prevent injury, but they will also give you the confidence you need to bath frequently and stay clean.

They don’t need to be complicated either. Some of the most effective bathing aids are simple anti-slip devices, such as the Extra Long Bath Mat, which is specifically designed to increase standing comfort and reduce slippage over the majority of the bath surface. It uses specially designed domes that create a vacuum to reduce slipping far more effectively than simple suction cups.

For getting in and out of the tub, a support bar may be just what you need. Our Suction Grab Bar sticks strongly to the side of your shower or bath for extra stability and confidence when you need to get clean.

Consider Your Cleanliness

Everyone has difficulty cleaning those hard-to-reach places. And for people who require mobility assistance, ensuring your whole body is clean can be especially difficult. That’s why a major focus of producing bathing aids is on designing tools that help you clean yourself where it may normally be difficult to reach.

A perfect example of this is the Long Handled Easy Reach Body Care Set, which contains a handle that can be used with a variety of sponges and loofahs for the application of shower gel and lotion, without the need for any awkward reaching or bending. It also has a handy vinyl bag for easy storage.

Consider Your Comfort

Bathing is about more than being safe and keeping clean. It should be a pleasant experience and it’s an excellent opportunity to indulge in some self care. As such, when you’re outfitting your bathroom with bathing aids, make sure you include some that are just for you and your comfort.

The Inflatable Bath Pillow is the apex of bath time luxury. Its ample, waterproof padding provides a comfortable place to lay your head as you enjoy a soak. It’s ergonomically designed to be kind to your head and neck, meaning you can enjoy an extra long bath.

Bathing aids that prioritise comfort are a great excuse to lie back in luxury and enjoy your bath time.

Bathing Aids Keep You Clean, Confident And Comfortable

With bathing aids, not only is your safety is taken care of, but, with luxury items to look forward to using, bathing becomes a more pleasurable experience. Being able to keep clean and mind your hygiene is an important part of being independent for most people — bathing aids make this easy.

Are you ready to enjoy bathing again? Reach out to Bayliss Mobility today and find out how!

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