The Nelson Knife rocker knife is an ideal aid to independent dining for those with the use of only one arm.

The Nelson Knife has a curved blade that will cut most foods with a simple rocking motion and no need for sawing. The four prongs are then used as a fork to lift the food.

The Nelson Knife is an excellent eating aid for those who have suffered strokes, amputees, arthritis etc. A rocker knife is also handy if you are recovering form an operation or injury to an arm or hand.

The Nelson Knife Handle is 4″ long and made of a high quality, strong plastic. The blade is made from stainless Sheffield steel.

The Nelson Knife is just one item from our wide range of eating and drinking aids. For information or advice on any of our products call Carol or Gary on 01377 253502. We will be happy to offer our expert advice.

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