Kowsky soft grip crutches

Kowsky Soft Grip Elbow Crutches

We are now stockists of the excellent Kowsky soft grip elbow crutches.


kowsky soft grip elbow crutches

Strong, lightweight and extremely comfortable the Kowsky soft grip elbow crutches are a must for those who use crutches. The anatomically shaped hand grips help to spread your weight across the palm of your hand reducing discomfort caused when using crutches for any length of time.



kowsky soft grip elbow crutches


These have been a very exclusive brand that has not been widely available in the UK, although they are well known and widely used on the continent. Not only are they the most comfortable crutch that we have ever had the pleasure of selling, but as they are colour co-ordinated and available in a wide range of colours.


The combination of quality design and materials means that these are amongst the lightest crutches on the market. So if you require a good quality, comfortable, stylish and quiet pair of crutches, then these are the ones for you.



For full details on the Kowsky soft grip elbow crutches follow the link below.

Kowsky soft grip elbow crutches.

We also do a wide range of crutches including open cuff, closed cuff, Axilla and childrens crutches. Take a look at our walking aids page for our full range.

VisiBag wheelchair bag

Visibag multi purpose bag.

We are now stockists of the fantastic Visibag, a multi purpose bag that is stylish, functional and provides added safety when using a mobility scooter, wheelchair or walker.visibag

Fitted with high visibility panels and wide reflective strips the Visibag offers both storage space and increased safety for the user. The florescent panels will ensure other people see you whether it’s day or night.


The Visibag will fit wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walkers. There is also the option of one or two walking stick holder visibagattachments. The Visibag is robust and shower proof, with a large top opening and a flat document pouch on the front, both with easy grip zips.

Full details of the Visibag can be found here.

The Visibag is just one of our large range of bags designed to fit mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walkers. Click the links below to view out full range or call Carol or Gary on 01377 253502.

Wheelchair bags.

Mobility scooter bags.

Walker bags.

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wheelchair gel cushion

Wheelchair Gel Cushion

Wheelchair Gel Cushion.

Sitting in a wheelchair for any length of time can lead to discomfort and add to this the state of our pavements your journey in your wheelchair can be very uncomfortable. The best way to solve this is with the addition of a wheelchair cushion. For short periods and basic comfort a standard vinyl covered wheelchair cushion will do the job. For longer periods and greater comfort a memory foam topped cushion or a gel cushion will help make your wheelchair a far more comfortable place to be.

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Pressure Care

Pure wool – The Fantastic Benefits Of Pure Wool

Not only does natural pure wool pile keep your body warm and comfortable it has many other unique properties.

Pure wool fleece is a versatile  material that is a must for people who may be at risk of pressure sores. Its fantastic pressure relieving qualities make it a cost effective alternative to the more expensive cushions and mattresses. Wool pile also gives a luxurious feel and extra comfort to your bed, chair or wheelchair. Take a look at the different ways that natural wool can help with pressure care.

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Waterproof wheelchair rain cover.

New additions to our wheelchair clothing range.

We are please to announce 2 great new additions to our wheelchair clothing range that will help keep you warm and dry this winter and we are offering them at a low introductory price.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

While doing some pre Christmas tidying up we have come across some old photos and clippings from our 13 years in business, bringing back memories of both good and hard times.


DSCF1354This was our first shop on Driffield high street in East Yorkshire, opened on the 1st of November 2001. It was not the biggest of shops as we could only fit two mobility scooters in it but it was the start of our journey into self employment. We were then called the Independent Living Centre and it soon became a busy shop, so busy that the premises could not cope with the stock and mobility scooters that were coming in for service and repairs.

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Wheelchair side sack.

Ideas For Presents

Its always difficult at Christmas and Birthdays trying to think of presents to buy people that are going to be used and not left in a cupboard to gather dust. Our product range includes many items that would make great presents for those that struggle with mobility.

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mobility scooter bag.

We are moving.

This weekend we will be moving to our new distribution centre in Driffield, East Yorkshire. This is a move we feel is right due to our ever increasing inventory and sales. The new warehouse will afford us more room for the new products we will be cataloguing in the coming months and help us to streamline our despatch process. So its a busy week for everyone at Bayliss Mobility.

Multi purpose mobility scooter bag

Multi Purpose Mobility Scooter And Wheelchair Bag

For a limited time the price of this new style of bag has been reduced to just £19.99. The bag will fit mobility scooters, wheelchairs and walking frames and is designed to hold laptops, ipods and mobile phones, with pockets to carry accessories as well. The Multi Purpose Bag, is strong, waterproof and has a reflective safety strip. This offer is only while stocks last.

Foot warmer with massage.

Foot warmers.

The nights are getting colder so we have added an electrically heated foot warmer to our catalogue. This foot muff also comes with dual speed massage, so its the perfect way to sooth cold or sore feet. It can also be used all year round as heat and massage therapy for people who suffer from poor circulation and cold feet no matter the weather.

Visit our foot care page to see our full range of fleece and thermal footwear.

Wool pile fleece bootees.